Fume Cupboards from DSS NI
Fume Cupboards from DSS 

Fume Cupboards from DSS 

What is a Fume Cupboard? 
A fume cupboard is a piece of equipment capable of removing pollutants released from a source within the Fume Cupboard withstanding outside influences such as draughts, operator movements and personnel traffic. 
The Pollutants are usually from a gaseous chemical or solvent hazard. Fume Cupboards should not be used for protection from Microbiological Agents. 
Fume hood by DSS

Different types of Fume Cupboards 

• Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards 
• Step-in Fume Cupboards 
• Walk-in Fume Cupboards 
• Radio-Active Fume Cupboards 
• Low Volume Fume Cupboards 
• Narrow Walled Fume Cupboards 
• Disabled Access Fume Cupboards 

Categories of Fume Cupboards  

Standard Fume Cupboard 
Use with General Acids, Alkalis & Solvents. 
Water Wash Fume Cupboard 
Use with Hydrofluoric, Perchloric Acid etc. For use with chemicals which may become explosive over time. 
Radio-Active Fume Cupboard 
Use with Radioactive Isotopes 
Fume Exhausts to include: 
Standard Bypass Fume Cupboards. 
VAV (Variable Air Volume) Fume Cupboards (Econ). 
Low Velocity High Containment Type Fume Cupboards 
Recirculation Type Fume Cupboards 
For a review of which solution is best for you - just give us a call. 
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